KWC is a boutique design firm with over 25 years of design experience and is located in Los Angeles, California.  KWC is a spunky little design group that believes big things come in small packages and we're confident that you will too!  


Integrating art and good design are the cornerstones of our business. Every one of our projects is a collaboration of creativity, insight and common sense.  Leaving no stone unturned, our collective efforts ensure that our work is well rounded and well thought out from varying perspectives. It is this type of teamwork that allows us to create great design solutions that are at once  artistic and  intelligent.  We  immerse ourselves  in our client's  products and  business goals  in order to bring forth end results that speak volumes to customers. 


From designing whimsical invitations to funky logos to corporate annual reports and everything in between, we are here to creatively evoke your company's ideals and wildest expectations.


There's three things that make KWC happy:  1) our family 2) satisfied clients and 3) exceptional design.  It's a feel-good combination that serves as KWC's raison dêtre (reason for being).

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